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I am a journalist, editor, researcher and corporate writer on macroeconomics, finance, real estate, private equity, infrastructure, aviation, and technology. More recently, I have written extensively on the policy, economic and social impacts of the coronavirus across a range of sectors. These pages collate some recent work and support my long journey towards qualifying as a registered counsellor.

Selected portfolio

7 March 2022

Ukraine crisis heightens risk environment for corporates and exacerbates inflation conundrum

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine has dramatically escalated global geopolitical risk, in potentially the largest conflict in Europe since the Second World War.
4 January 2022

Coronavirus 2022: a health, social and economic inventory

As the world braces for the third year of coronavirus, the New Year offers a juncture to take an inventory of the inter-related health, social and economic costs over the past two years and prepare for what comes next.
1 January 2022

Lending in volatile markets: Commercial real estate debt investors face headwinds in many directions

Liquidity within global real estate financing markets remains deep.
2 December 2021

Omicron threatens the nascent UK labour market recovery

The emergence of Omicron, the latest Covid-19 variant, threatens the positive autumn momentum building in the UK labour market.
1 December 2021

A sluggish office revival does not necessarily spell wholesale changes to the sector in Europe

The pandemic has thrown office investors and occupiers a curveball scarcely contemplated before 2020.
24 November 2021

Inflation risks and labour market frictions weigh heavy on UK’s economic recovery

Escalating inflation in the UK economy reached a decade-long high in October, as higher energy prices, supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, wage and food price inflation all blunted the economic recovery.