22 October 2021

Evergrande buys time with 11th hour offshore bond payment

Evergrande’s 11th hour $83.5 million payment to offshore bondholders today comes 24 hours before they would have fallen into default and prevents cross-default clauses across offshore bonds in the broader Chinese property market.
18 October 2021

Headwinds from the East and West darken the economic outlook

A slew of underwhelming economic data from China released this morning skews risk sentiment to the downside, as investors mull slowing China economic growth, as well as its slumping property market and receding consumer spending.
13 October 2021

Markets outlook: US dollar, CPI inflation data and earnings season in focus

This article considers catalysts to pay attention to as forward indicators of dollar’s trajectory in the coming months
12 October 2021

Macro matters: crypto to thrive the middle of economic crosswinds

The macroeconomy has a significant influence on crypto markets. Many like to believe that crypto and main markets have decoupled, but that is not true. A […]
18 February 2021

Brexit: a new era for UK real estate

As the United Kingdom seeks to renew its national identity, the ideological prize of sovereignty must not be paid for by a long-term decline in economic prosperity.
20 January 2021

Europe prepares for a new nonperforming loan cycle

2021 is set to be a year of slow accumulating sub- and nonperforming loans (NPL).
25 November 2020

AC 2020: Europe will not return to pre-pandemic life for two years

Europe will not return to pre-pandemic life for at least two years, delegates at CREFC Europe’s virtual Autumn Conference heard.
9 November 2020

CREFC AC 2020: Biden’s economic reforms will be curbed if Republicans hold the Senate

A Biden presidency’s ability to implement a progressive Democrat agenda would be stifled if Republicans retain control of the Senate, delegates at the opening economic panel at CREFC Europe’s virtual Autumn Conference heard the morning after election day in the US.
1 October 2020

Three mediating variables of the UK’s second wave restrictions

The dreaded second coronavirus wave is here.