3 October 2020

The search for new opportunities begins

Previously aligned societal goals of public health, individual liberty and economic prosperity have sharply diverged into trade-offs which will percolate through geopolitics, how economies are managed, to our collective values.
3 October 2020

Gauging sentiment amid social and economic upheaval

The coronavirus pandemic has pitted historically aligned societal values against one another – individual liberty and public health; freedom of movement and collective responsibility; unfettered economic activity and mandatory restrictions.
4 August 2020

The good, the bad and the ugly of the EU’s funding package

Europe’s leaders recently concluded four days of arduous negotiation in Brussels to unite behind a recovery fund which is designed to support member states’ economic rehabilitation.
6 March 2020

To the power of five

Wireless applications powered by 5G networks have far-reaching implications for just about every part of the economy. James Wallace reports on the applications for asset owners.
21 December 2019

WeWork’s 2019: The epoch of belief, the epoch of incredulity

The opening salvo in Charles Dickens’ classic, A tale of two Cities, Captures WeWork’s bipolaric 2019    
14 December 2019

Decisive victory for Tories clears Brexit blockage

Boris Johnson returned to Downing Street in mid-December after his winter Brexit election gamble delivered a landslide for Conservatives.    
3 October 2019

Wave of South Korean capital keeps rolling

European investment by South Korean investors is one of the stories of 2019. James Wallace examines the trend’s decade-long origins.
5 April 2019

Managing retail in a changing world

Two fundamental changes are taking place in retail: first, ‘bigger is better’ no longer applies; second, the boundaries between classic retail and new retail continues to […]