25 November 2020

AC 2020: Europe will not return to pre-pandemic life for two years

Europe will not return to pre-pandemic life for at least two years, delegates at CREFC Europe’s virtual Autumn Conference heard.
11 November 2020

Zombification of Europe: time to rethink protection for all

When Europe staggered into the first covid-induced lockdown back in early Spring, the European Union (EU) and national governments across the Continent responded swiftly with a dizzying array of stimulus spending and monetary easing.
9 November 2020

The return of commercial property distress

The long-term impact of the pandemic on vulnerable commercial property sectors and landlords’ business models, remains, at least in part, uncertain at this stage.
3 November 2020

Winter is coming: making plans in unpredictable times

Many corporates of all sizes feel exasperated, but not surprised, by the enduring disruption to business activity caused by the pandemic.
14 October 2020

What students want: a sentiment survey amid the pandemic

The student experience, from lifestyle to learning, has been drastically changed by the coronavirus pandemic.
11 September 2020

Living sector investing during the pandemic cycle

The reverberations of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt throughout real estate markets long after a successful vaccine defeats the virus.
27 July 2020

Europe shows solidarity in landmark debt mutualisation commitment

Europe's leaders have reached a consensus and will have the EU raise €750bn to provide support for nations severely affected by Covid-19
15 June 2020

UK government must manage divided attention while resetting national agenda

The UK, like other nations around the world, has divided attention.
2 June 2020

Global airlines tentatively return to the skies as fight for survival intensifies

After  the aviation sector's most dramatic disruption affecting economic loss, global airlines are starting to resume services despite the risks of the ongoing pandemic.