9 November 2020

CREFC AC 2020: Biden’s economic reforms will be curbed if Republicans hold the Senate

A Biden presidency’s ability to implement a progressive Democrat agenda would be stifled if Republicans retain control of the Senate, delegates at the opening economic panel at CREFC Europe’s virtual Autumn Conference heard the morning after election day in the US.
4 November 2020

Tale of two needles: Trump and Biden locked in tight White House race

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are locked in a tight race for the White House with early indicators that Trump has once again defied pollsters in his US presidential re-election bid, which this morning remains too close to call.
15 October 2020

Imminent European NPL wave energises regulatory push for transaction platform adoption and digitalisation

Europe’s banks are braced for a new wave of non-performing loan (NPL) portfolios from early next year, aligned to the unwinding of direct government lending to corporates in response to the coronavirus crisis.
27 July 2020

Europe shows solidarity in landmark debt mutualisation commitment

Europe's leaders have reached a consensus and will have the EU raise €750bn to provide support for nations severely affected by Covid-19
15 June 2020

UK government must manage divided attention while resetting national agenda

The UK, like other nations around the world, has divided attention.
15 May 2020

Post-pandemic opportunities for resilient UK SMEs and alternative lenders

Resilient SMEs will be in a fantastic position post-pandemic to expand sector market share through alternative lender-backed funding.
28 April 2020

UK economy experiencing the fastest economic contraction in several centuries

Empty streets, closed offices, restaurants and shops have become commonplace at home and abroad in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
19 March 2020

Coronavirus: quickening pace of outbreak prompts coordinated government fiscal response

World governments have accelerated their monetary and fiscal fightback against COVID-19.
16 April 2016

Age of uncertainty

In the third of a series of updates on the capital markets sector, BTG Global Advisory discusses the outlook for the global economy and how the […]