3 October 2020

The search for new opportunities begins

Previously aligned societal goals of public health, individual liberty and economic prosperity have sharply diverged into trade-offs which will percolate through geopolitics, how economies are managed, to our collective values.
3 October 2020

Gauging sentiment amid social and economic upheaval

The coronavirus pandemic has pitted historically aligned societal values against one another – individual liberty and public health; freedom of movement and collective responsibility; unfettered economic activity and mandatory restrictions.
1 September 2020

How are managers responding to the challenge of pandemic cycle investing?

Before the COVID-19 crisis, investment markets were already in a complex state.
4 August 2020

The good, the bad and the ugly of the EU’s funding package

Europe’s leaders recently concluded four days of arduous negotiation in Brussels to unite behind a recovery fund which is designed to support member states’ economic rehabilitation.
27 April 2020

RealCast – The Week in Real Assets – 27 April, 2020

This is the fourth edition of RealCast. James Wallace, Nicol Dynes and Judi Seebus join Richard Betts in our analysis of the week in real assets.
14 April 2020

RealCast – Episode 2, April 14, 2020

This is the second edition of RealCast as James Wallace, Nicol Dynes and Judi Seebus join Richard Betts in our regular analysis of key news items […]
3 April 2020

RealCast – Episode 1, April 3, 2020

RealCast is a new podcast series analysing the week’s real estate themes. Join Judi Seebus, James Wallace, Richard Betts and Nicol Dynes in the first episode.
6 March 2020

To the power of five

Wireless applications powered by 5G networks have far-reaching implications for just about every part of the economy. James Wallace reports on the applications for asset owners.
9 January 2020

WeWork: lessons from a tech darling turned boring real estate leasing company

WeWork will remember 2019 as the year the coworking giant soared to an incredible $47bn valuation and within 10 months nearly collapsed under the weight of its own hype and profligacy, leading to a $9.5bn rescue bailout from SoftBank – its largest backer and the world’s largest tech investor.