10 April 2023

Thailand’s BOI strengthens energy and digital infrastructure with $1.64 billion investment privileges

Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) has granted investment privileges to projects in the energy and digital sectors worth a combined 56.6 billion baht (US$1.64 billion) to strengthen the country’s infrastructure.
1 October 2022

Infrastructure in rising interest rate environments

With varying degrees of resolve, central banks in major economies are tightening monetary policy in response to record high inflation.
23 May 2022

The inflation puzzle: money printing and the devaluation of fiat currency

Inflation has surged to multi-decade highs prompting central banks to ramp up monetary tightening and set out plans to unwind outsized balance sheets.
18 May 2022

US recession risk climbing

The path to avoid a recession in the US, the world’s largest economy, is starting to narrow.
20 April 2022

Choppy waters: the spectre of a eurozone recession is rising

The war in Ukraine has delivered an acute supply shock to the eurozone, pushed already high inflation to new multi-decade highs and increased the risk of […]
15 March 2022

Ukraine conflict and the impact on the European banking landscape

The primary consideration in any conflict is the humanitarian crisis. We sincerely hope for a ceasefire and rapid diplomatic resolution. Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine led […]
7 March 2022

Ukraine crisis heightens risk environment for corporates and exacerbates inflation conundrum

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine has dramatically escalated global geopolitical risk, in potentially the largest conflict in Europe since the Second World War.
9 February 2022

NPL outlook Part II: Greece and Spain could see €43 billion in new NPEs in 2022

Greece and Spain could see €43 billion in new non-performing exposures (NPEs) in 2022, according to a forecast by doValue, the Southern European loan servicing specialist. […]
9 February 2022

NPL outlook: €200 billion in new bad loans across Southern Europe over next three years

Europe’s non-performing loan (NPL) market will bifurcate between legacy and covid-era exposures in 2022. Legacy NPLs will continue to run off this year with the deleveraging […]
17 January 2022

European NPL 2021 review: Greece, Spain and Italy lead market recovery

European non-performing loan (NPL) activity returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2021, led by deleveraging in Greece, Italy and Spain. Data published by React News indicated €114.2 billion in disposals […]
4 January 2022

Coronavirus 2022: a health, social and economic inventory

As the world braces for the third year of coronavirus, the New Year offers a juncture to take an inventory of the inter-related health, social and economic costs over the past two years and prepare for what comes next.
1 January 2022

Lending in volatile markets: Commercial real estate debt investors face headwinds in many directions

Liquidity within global real estate financing markets remains deep.
1 December 2021

A sluggish office revival does not necessarily spell wholesale changes to the sector in Europe

The pandemic has thrown office investors and occupiers a curveball scarcely contemplated before 2020.
22 October 2021

Evergrande buys time with 11th hour offshore bond payment

Evergrande’s 11th hour $83.5 million payment to offshore bondholders today comes 24 hours before they would have fallen into default and prevents cross-default clauses across offshore bonds in the broader Chinese property market.
18 October 2021

Headwinds from the East and West darken the economic outlook

A slew of underwhelming economic data from China released this morning skews risk sentiment to the downside, as investors mull slowing China economic growth, as well as its slumping property market and receding consumer spending.