27 July 2020

Europe shows solidarity in landmark debt mutualisation commitment

Europe's leaders have reached a consensus and will have the EU raise €750bn to provide support for nations severely affected by Covid-19
15 June 2020

UK government must manage divided attention while resetting national agenda

The UK, like other nations around the world, has divided attention.
2 June 2020

Global airlines tentatively return to the skies as fight for survival intensifies

After  the aviation sector's most dramatic disruption affecting economic loss, global airlines are starting to resume services despite the risks of the ongoing pandemic.
27 May 2020

Lockdown easing will kickstart a hat-trick of M&A strategies

A new wave of M&A deals are expected in companies considering strategic ownership options as the country starts transitioning to stage two of the crisis triggered by Covid-19.
15 May 2020

Post-pandemic opportunities for resilient UK SMEs and alternative lenders

Resilient SMEs will be in a fantastic position post-pandemic to expand sector market share through alternative lender-backed funding.
7 May 2020

Aviation industry braced for permanent sector restructuring

As the aviation resume to business to help economic recovery, new structures, guidelines are imposed to safeguard public health.
1 May 2020

The future is not what it used to be

One of the enduring lessons from this shared global experience is to remind us how mutually dependent we all are for our shared prosperity and existence, writes James Wallace
29 April 2020

Britain’s beleaguered care homes become next coronavirus epicentre

Britain’s overwhelmed care homes have emerged as the new front line in the fight against coronavirus.
28 April 2020

UK economy experiencing the fastest economic contraction in several centuries

Empty streets, closed offices, restaurants and shops have become commonplace at home and abroad in response to the coronavirus pandemic.